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About Us

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Matt Vawter, President and Shawn Hogan, Vice President, owners of Top Line Material Handling,
 combined with their staff of sales, office and warehouse employeEs, bring over 70 years
 of Material Handling experience.  We provide our customers individualized attention to
 properly meet their needs.

Established in 2002, Top Line Material Handling has grown in reputation, experience, staff and sales.
  We are currently housed in 35,000+sf office and warehouse space and stock both
 new and used inventory.

Many projects require customization.  Our experience in this area of Material Handling is second to none.  We listen to your needs, help fine tune your requirements, provide prototypes when needed and oversee the project from start to finish.  When an install is needed, our installation team will provide you with the same continued service and expertise as our sales department provides. 

In addition to the 1000's of Material Handing items that we sell, we have a dedicated staff and area for container repairs.  In some instances it can be more cost effective to repair broken containers.
With a quick turnaround time,  we can help you save on your bottom line.   

We represent over 150 manufacturers and sell to local, national and international customers.   Our customer base includes a vast variety of businesses and industries.  We service many Fortune 500 Companies, as well as, one time buyers, and everything in between.

We pride ourselves on meeting our customers needs with individualized service, setting proper expectations, and providing competitive pricing.

  "Service • Quality • Value"

Matt Vawter, President                                            Shawn Hogan, Vice President                          
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